Residential carpet cleaning Sydney

Expert Carpet Cleaning Sydney is a great solution for your residential carpet cleaning requirements in Sydney.  We guarantee you our services at the best and yet economic rates. Our carpet cleaning specialists are magicians who restore the beauty and pristinity of your carpets! We specialize in providing house carpet cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, and many more solutions for Sydney. Contact us on +61480090651 immediately if you need same day residential carpet cleaning Sydney or house carpet cleaning Sydney. We can give you a call back too, if you fill in all essential details on the form uploaded on our website. If in case, if any of our clients require same day services for their residential carpet cleaning and repair work, we are there! Since inception of our business, we have provided same day residential carpet cleaning services to our Sydney clients! This service has been welcomed by clients from our other branches as well!

Benefits of Residential Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Extends the life of your carpet or rugResidential carpet cleaning or house carpet cleaning for your Sydney home, always works to improve the quality and lifespan of the rugs and carpets that you bought for your home decor.

Improves indoor air quality – The rugs and carpets in your home house a million different allergens, germs, microorganisms and dust particles. They also move in the air and spoil its quality. With the carpet cleaning activity their colonies are disturbed and eliminated. That improves indoor air quality drastically while also preventing spread of allergies.

Makes carpets easier to maintain – Cleaner carpets are easier to maintain at home with regular dusting and vacuuming.

Removes spots and stains without damaging the fabric – The carpets and rugs over time also absorb stains because of spillage of drinks, tea, coffee, pet urine, blood etc. Residential carpet cleaning services in Sydney are enough to remove such stains and spots left by food, drinks and other things smoothly.

Prevents the accumulation of allergens and bacteria – Carpet cleaning also involves removing deep layers of bacteria and germs. These treatments prevent the recurrence and accumulation of bacteria, microorganisms and allergens in future.

Different cleaning methods based on the material of your carpet – Carpet cleaning companies employ use of carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, carpet shampooing, hot water extraction etc. based on the fabric of the carpet and the damage done to the carpet. The carpet cleaning solutions given to client are customized and not same for everyone.

Services We Offer

Residential Carpet Cleaning Sydney

House Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

Pet Urine and Odour Treatment

Leather Cleaning

Upholstery & Lounge Cleaning

Flood Damage

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Sydney

Mattress Cleaning

The Dust Mite & Their Habitat

Boat Cleaning – Aircraft & Vehicle Cleaning

Pest Control Services

Same Day Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Steam Cleaning and Carpet Dry Cleaning are the 2 methods used by Expert Carpet Cleaning Sydney. These methods are completely suited for cleaning carpets from commercial as well as residential establishments.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

In this method hot water is infused into the steam cleaning machine and then on the carpets. This is done to target the fibres with high pressure hot water. The water extracts the dirt and dusty residues and effectively steam cleans the carpets.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

In this method, dry detergent is rubbed on the carpet fabrics with a rotary machine. After which all the dirt is extracted.  This cleaning methodology is beneficial for upholstery, carpets and rugs with delicate fabric. Since it is not using any hot water it does not harm the core fabric in any way or cause any shrinkage.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Carpet Cleaning Sydney is one call away from providing you with excellent residential carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance services for your Sydney property.

Tailor-made cleaning solutions for carpet cleaning and repair

High-tech cleaning equipment that successfully removes minute germs and dirt

Organic and non-toxic carpet and rug cleaning agents used

Carpet cleaning won’t cause any allergies in pets, children and people with breathing disorders

No additional costs charged for weekend, public holiday and same day service

Professional and courteous carpet cleaners


When can I call you for scheduling a carpet or rug cleaning service?

We function on weekdays, weekends and public holidays as well. So, we can take orders any time of the day, week or month. Feel free give us a call on +61480090651 if your requirements are urgent.

Should I move any furniture?

Yes, please. Any heavy furniture kept on the carpet needs to be moved beforehand to a safer location till the carpet cleaning is completed.

Is there a problem if I walk on a carpet that has just been deep cleaned?

No, only if you walk barefoot on the carpet or while wearing clean socks. Any carpet cleaning procedure that you opt for will not dry out the carpet instantly. 4-6 hours have to be given for complete drying.

What services can I combine the carpet cleaning with?

You can combine carpet cleaning with either carpet stain removal, end of lease cleaning, same day cleaning, or carpet repair and restretching. We are more than happy to provide you with a combination of carpet cleaning services.

My carpets have been damaged due to broken pipes. Do you provide carpet cleaning services for the same?

Yes, absolutely. Water damage restoration or flood damage restoration is the service that is provided by us for restoring residential and commercial carpets destroyed due to flood or man-made emergencies.

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